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Our Services

QDX is a leading company in IT-solutions realization aimed at building highly efficient systems, optimizing business processes, and creating tools for increasing competitiveness, promotion of services and products of our clients.
icon - Custom Software Development
Custom Software Development
Development of advanced enterprise apps and scalable IT infrastructure for business
icon - Web App Development
Web App Development
Amp up your business with a custom web application
icon - Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development
Building native and cross-platform mobile applications which win the hearts of millions
icon - Software Testing and QA
Software Testing and QA
When the work is done, it needs to be tested. We know how to crash code, in a good way
icon - UI/UX Design
UI/UX Design
Build interfaces that people will want to touch so much you’ll need a restraining order from a judge
icon - AI & Machine Learning
AI & Machine Learning
AI, machine learning, and neural networks for self-taught enterprise solutions
icon - Cloud & DevOps
Cloud & DevOps
We help enterprises and product companies deliver scalable and flexible cloud apps that uncover the full potential of cloud services
icon - Kubernetes Implementation
Kubernetes Implementation
Providing expert advice on adopting a cost-efficient container orchestrator, we help Global amount companies to achieve their DevOps goals.


QDX is a leading company in IT-solutions realization aimed at building highly efficient systems, optimizing business processes, and creating tools for increasing competitiveness, promotion of services and products of our clients.
icon - Banking and Financial Software Development
Banking and Financial Software Development
E-banking and blockchain solution, online trading and exchange platforms for fintech companies
icon - Healthcare Software Development Services
Healthcare Software Development Services
MPMS, EHR, and E-prescribing software for healthcare companies
icon - E-commerce Software Development
E-commerce Software Development
Custom ECommerce / Retail Solutions for Agile Extension
icon - Ad Tech Software Development
Ad Tech Software Development
Our ad tech development services are well-suited to supply and demand-side platforms as well as targeting / retargeting software
icon - Biotech Software Development Services
Biotech Software Development Services
We cover the entire biotechnology software industry, from digital health and medical devices to technology platforms
icon - Media & Entertainment Software Development Services
Media & Entertainment Software Development Services
Powerful software for media and entertainment companies all across the globe
icon - Educational & E-learning Software Development
Educational & E-learning Software Development
Educational software development services and e-learning systems
icon - Automotive Software Development Services
Automotive Software Development Services
Embedded In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)


We have implemented a lot of interesting and innovative projects in recent years. They have not only pushed us to innovate but have also encouraged the business development of our clients. There are recent projects that we particularly enjoyed.

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Project Overview

Country: United States


Developer of cloud security and compliance platform intended to automate security and compliance controls in any public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud environment. The company's platform delivers a comprehensive set of security and compliance capabilities that replaces single-function point services and provides alternatives that are different in its ability to support server-based, containerized and serverless compute models, enabling global enterprises to embrace speed, flexibility and other benefits of modern computing models.


  • Setting up CI/CD for microservices

  • Integrating monitoring stuff with Grafana, InfluxDB, PagerDuty

  • Oncall duties to monitor, support and resolve dev/prod issues

Tech stack we used:

  • AWS

  • Mesosphere dc/os

  • Terraform

  • Cassandra

  • Postgres

  • DynamoDB

  • InfluxDB

  • Datadog

icon -

Project Overview

Country: United States


Expedia, Inc. is the world's leading online travel service and the eighth largest travel agency in the U.S. Expedia's award-winning Expert Searching and Pricing (ESP) technology delivers the most comprehensive flight options available online. ESP also allows customers to dynamically build complete trips that combine flights, Expedia Special Rate hotels and other lodging, ground transportation, and destination activities. Expedia operates Classic Custom Vacations, a leading wholesaler of premiere vacation packages to destinations such as Hawaii, Mexico, Europe and the Caribbean; and Metropolitan Travel, a corporate travel agency., Inc., wholly owned by Expedia, also operates as WWTE, bringing complementary cross-sell and dynamic packaging booking functionality to third parties on a private-label basis.


  • End-user support

  • Resolving/troubleshooting Infrastructure, build/deployment, logging, monitoring issues

  • Managing AWS infrastructure

  • Supporting internal tools

Tech stack we used:

  • Python

  • Java

  • AWS

icon -

Project Overview

Country: England


Developer of cloud-based R&D technology. The company's cloud-based R&D technology provides innovative enterprise data management, analytics and modelling software for R&D and science-driven companies. IDBS helps research and development (R&D) teams and scientists, in biologics development and drug discovery and development, around the world make discoveries that have the potential to transform the lives of populations worldwide.


  • AWS EC2, S3, Lambda, RDS, CloudWatch, Route53, VPC, IAM, CloudFormation

  • AWS Cloudformation templates with json/troposphere;

  • AWS automation using boto3, AWS Lambda;

  • CI/CD

Tech stack we used:

  • Oracle, Mysql

  • Puppet

  • Bamboo, Stash, JIra, Fisheye&Crucible, Confluence

  • Jenkins

icon -

Project Overview

Country: United States

Project Name: IntouchHealth (later Teladoc Health)

DevOps, Front-End, QA


Developer of virtual care platform designed to provide high-quality, patient-centric virtual care for every use case and any clinical setting. The company's platform offers physician services to assist healthcare systems in meeting their telehealth demands and to address physician shortages, enabling healthcare professionals to easily deliver care anytime virtually from anywhere.


  • Whole infrastructure management

  • Infrastrustructure monitoring and logging solutions implementation

  • Architecture Review&Design&Implementation following HIPAA

  • Сost optimisation

  • HL7 Integration

  • Network configuration (IPsec, VPN)

  • Migration to AWS EKS, CI/CD Configuration

  • Front-end development

  • QA Testing

Tech stack we used:

  • IPSec, VPN

  • AWS

  • Kubernetes

  • Helm

  • Jenkins

  • Mirth

  • NodeJS

  • Prometheus

  • ELK

icon -

Project Overview

Country: United States


Jefferies is a diversified financial services company engaged in investment banking and capital markets, asset management and direct investing. Jefferies Group offers a full range of investment banking, equities, fixed income, asset and wealth management products and services.


  • Design and Architecture of EKS Cluster

  • Monitoring and logging design for EKS Cluster(Cloudwatch Prometheus Insights / Prometheus/Grafana)

  • CI/CD process design for EKS Cluster

  • Terraform code for EKS cluster management

Tech stack we used:

  • AWS

  • AWS Cloudwatch

  • ELK

  • Terraform

icon -

Project Overview

Country: United States


Ticketmaster is the world's largest ticket distribution company in th e United States, completely dominating its market niche. The company distributes tickets for more than 10,000 clients whose events range f rom professional wrestling matches and rock concerts to Broadway show s and operas. Tickets are sold at roughly 3,300 outlets worldwide, as well as through 19 telephone call centers and through the ticketmast web site. The company's ReserveAmerica subsidiary manages camp site reservations across North America. Ticketmaster also owns severa l regional ticketing service companies and TicketWeb, a provider of t icketing software and services. Ticketmaster is itself a subsidiary o f IAC/InterActive Corporation, the media vehicle of entrepreneur Barr y Diller.


  • Managing/supporting AWS infrastructure

  • Deep refactoring of terraform stacks, GitLabCI pipelines

  • Maintenance and configuration of GitLab CI pipelines for build, test, deploy based on Terraform

  • Monitoring configuration with Prometheus, Grafana

  • CI/CD

Tech stack we used:

  • AWS

  • GitLab CI

  • Docker

  • EFK

  • Prometheus/Grafana

  • Java

  • coreOS

icon - Custom Software Development
Custom Software Development

Software solutions for different industries

Our three years of experience laid the groundwork for our success. As a software development company, our expertise is in complex and demanding projects. We identify and structure the most diverse customer requirements, then execute the plans in various sub-trades, combining our expertise with reasonable prices.
At QDX, we use the latest innovative tools to solve all your business issues, romance problems, and other challenges. Our team has created a dozen useful products, starting from the pure cloud, different mobile and web applications to enterprise software and other programs.
We adhere to high-performance standards, have transparent processes, engage in shameless negotiations, and encourage open communication among our teams. The QDX team develops end-to-end solutions to extend your infrastructure or systems, from product roadmap and design to development, quality assurance, maintenance, and customer support.
Do you wish to streamline and improve your internal processes? Are you interested in modernizing your business and automating manual processes? Does standard software fall short of your requirements? We assist you by developing a custom software solution specifically for your business.

Custom software development for any type of project

Enterprise resource & process management software

An ERP system integrates functions from multiple business units. In general, it entails administering all information about the company’s resources, including material, personnel, capacities (machines, manual workstations, etc. ), finances, and other data required to carry out business processes. While standard ERP systems offer a broad range of universal functions, they cannot compete with industry-specific software developed specifically for your business’s needs. QDX develops enterprise resource and process management systems, which include the following:

  • Customer Relationship Management Features

  • Financial and Invoicing Management

  • Management Task Automations

  • Product integration

  • Scheduling

  • Time tracker

  • Sales tracking

  • Recruiting automation

  • Document and project management

Supply chain management software

Our developers create and integrate high-quality supply chain management systems for small and enterprise-level companies for more flexibility and optimization of internal processes. In addition, the mobile app version of SCM developed by QDX will help you to improve inventory management, supply chain, order processing, and distribution.

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)

  • Inventory Management Software

  • Manufacturing Software Development

  • Asset Tracking Supply Chain Software

Financial management & accounting software

QDX develops and implements comprehensive finance and accounting software solutions for various institutions that process a large number of transactions, keep track of assets and liabilities, carry out ongoing financial operations, and reconcile their cash workflows especially when data has to be consolidated in numerous companies with branches and subsidiaries.

  • Custom Accounting Software Development

  • Custom Portfolio Management Software Development

  • Custom Financial Planning Software Development

  • Custom Tax Preparation Software Development

  • Custom Insurance Software Development

Need advice on your software solution?

Pre-release activities

When you get down to brass tax, QDX is fundamentally an enterprise software company. During our many years of accomplishing epic level tasks, we’ve accommodated many small, medium, and large businesses and enterprises alike. This practice allows us to build a process, which guarantees we deliver a tip-top performance for your company.

  • 1. Software Prototyping
    Software prototyping is a complete and total must for refining functionality, detecting potential bugs, and setting software development priorities among the development team.

  • 2. UI/UX Design
    At QDX, we develop breathtaking designs by turning loose information architecture, interaction design, user interface design as well as visual design approaches and methods.

  • 3. Running alpha and beta tests
    To ensure the quality of the product, the QDX team conducts alpha and beta testing throughout the software development cycle.

Post-release activities

Post-release is a necessary component, after the release of the software product on the client website or when it has gone live(duh!). We use it to test the program or app in all possible scenarios and to validate its release.

  • 4. Technical Maintenance
    QDX’s developers will accompany you through the launch stage in case there any bugs arise. Technical support is important in the first several weeks for greater further application performance.

  • 5. Customer Support
    We will help you to process the clients’ feedback, analyze it, and let the conclusions influence your next actions.

Benefits you get with QDX's top talents:

  • We use the latest engineering concepts to create software.

  • Our team has the technical expertise, demonstrable personal accomplishments, and experience with using open source tools and projects.

  • We are proficient with pattern design and automated testing.

  • QDX Engineers are experienced in creating and maintaining IT architecture and cloud-based systems.

icon - Web App Development
Web App Development

We manage the entire lifecycle of web applications,
from design to coding and testing, and then offer lifetime maintenance.

QDX’s dedicated web development team comprises 250 experts who are eager to contribute their time and expertise to your project. During our three years of experience, we have successfully delivered over 400 web applications for businesses worldwide. QDX web apps add value to FinTech, Retail, Entertainment, Healthcare, and a variety of other industries.
We create apps that address company challenges, adhere to business requirements, streamline internal processes, and leverage cutting-edge technology. We strive to give only first-rate results. We use the talent and experience of our veteran team to accomplish this.

Web App Development Methods

Single-page apps
GitHub, Facebook, and Gmail – all of these are SPA. A single-page app simply rewrites the already loaded page rather than loading a new page from the server each time the user accesses the app. Because the app is based on repeating content, this approach is used to avoid user experience interruption. Actually, cool UX is one of the most important pros of SPA.

Progressive web apps
Progressive apps are used to create cross-platform user experiences and are becoming increasingly popular due to the majority of mobile-driven traffic. They improve page loading speed and enable them to send notifications, which influences the conversion rate of customers. Furthermore, when compared to web-only applications, mobile-first applications are guaranteed to rank higher in Google.

Best approaches for web app development

  • Agile Methodologies
    We use Scrum, Lean, and Kanban. At QDX, we choose the best development methodology for every project. Our partners and customers are constantly active participants in the development process.

  • Up-to-date Architectural Patterns
    We develop applications using the MVP and MVVM architectures. You can rely on our code being consistently clear and maintainable.

  • Verified Tech Stack
    We use cutting-edge technology to safeguard apps and protect businesses and their customers from potential threats. We only accept frames and libraries that have been thoroughly tested.

  • Repetitive Testing
    We test code continuously to deliver working software sooner than expected. Before releasing the app to your market, we fix all bugs.

  • High-grade mobile app development
    A cost-effective way to meet your market demands and statement guidelines. We implement custom development for enterprises, companies, and MVPs to validate your concept and drive your product and development team to improve current products.

  • Smart and top-notch web app development
    We develop web apps for startups, medium-sized businesses, and large corporations. We’re here to make sure you’re up to date on the latest trends and innovative technology. Our goal is to maximize your growth and efficiency.

Why QDX Is The Best Possible Choice For Web App Development

Strong experience

QDX has over three years of experience developing and launching web applications for businesses throughout the world. We leverage our strength and expertise to make the entire process more cost-effective while also paying close attention to product quality to ensure that everything performs optimally during the testing stage.

Transparent Process

Our specialist conducts market and competitor research at the start of your project to ensure that your app is future-proof. Prototyping and complex architecture planning are the first steps. Following this stage, we move on to high-quality coding, and finally, our team conducts extensive testing prior to the launch stage.

Reliable Partner

Our developers make every effort to create and release your app, which is why we are interested in developing long-term trusting relationships with our clients. Even after your project has been successfully launched, we provide customer, technical support, and lifelong maintenance.

Web Applications We Work with

  • Static web application

    Because static web applications are typically built with HTML or CSS, the amount of content you can upload is limited. Overall, these applications are not very adaptable when it comes to changing the code or the content. Only the company that created the app or a specialist could edit the code by downloading it and then uploading it back to the server.

  • Dynamic web application

    Dynamic apps have a more complex tech stack because they use databases to load data, which means that content is updated each time someone accesses the app. These apps are typically created with the PHP programming language, allowing you to implement features, forums, etc., easily. You can also modify the design to meet your specific requirements.

  • E-commerce

    The development of an e-commerce application is similar to that of an e-commerce website. Because the developers’ team must enable payment features for various banking systems, the entire process is more structured and complicated. Furthermore, every e-commerce app must include a management system for creating product listings and managing orders.

  • Portal web app

    The term “portal application” refers to a type of application where users can access different app segments only through the homepage. Additionally, these apps could include forums, emails, chats, and so on.

  • Content Management System (CMS)

    If you need to update the content in your web app constantly, a CMS is a must-have. The administrator could easily implement changes by using the app designed by the QDX team to be user-friendly and intuitive.

  • Rich Internet Application

    Rich Internet applications, or RIAs, are used to enhance the user experience. RIAs combine an improved user interface with a broad set of desktop software functions on the client side. Any data manipulation and operation must take place on the app’s server.

Tech stack for Web App development

icon - Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development

During the last 3 years, we have been building mobile applications from scratch for Healthcare, Fintech, Real estate, EdTech, etc companies. Our approach is based on maximizing the product’s value by using advanced technologies to bring your ideas to life. Today, QDX application development services are modified according to your industry-specific needs, technical requirements, and budget.
We believe that every mobile application idea could potentially skyrocket to a market leader position, it just needs a little help. Let’s see what we could bring to your project.

We will build a pixel-perfect mobile app with excellent functionality in 4 month

User Experience Design

Our focus is placed not on the way our application looks and works, but on the actual experience of the end-user. To create such an experience you need to have a strong understanding of modern design trends, but what is more important, behavioral psychology techniques and unique vision. QDX developers have enough experience and skills to deliver competitive UX design.

Scalability & Interoperability

When you develop mobile apps, it is crucially important to ensure that it is working equally well on every device type. QDX developers team will create scalable and interoperable applications that will impress your end users despite the operating system or devices that prefer.

Cross-Platform Coverage

In case you do need your application to run on several platforms, it is not a big deal. QDX developers will create an app with great performance in different environments without constantly re-doing the code part. With our team, your app will function without interruption in every operating system.

Security & Compliance

We acknowledge and appreciate your trust when you choose our development team to create your app. We prioritize security and compliance standards while working on them to ensure the safety of your potential clients‘ data.

Mobile App Development Service QDX offers

  • Prototyping & Strategy
    Every development process starts with software prototype development and strategy creation. We will conduct market research and competitor analysis to come up with a plan of action.

  • Hybrid Development
    QDX developers have the expertise to create highly customized hybrid mobile apps that you could potentially integrate with most data sources. We will help you to increase the value of your product and deliver the best quality to your customers.

  • Native Development
    We offer native iOS and Android development services in case you are interested in this. Native apps usually offer a better user experience. However, native app development is expensive and time-consuming, that is why we usually recommend sticking with other solutions.

  • Enterprise Mobile App Development
    In case you need to reinforce internal processes, rethink work methods to make them quicker and more effective, the enterprise mobile application may be a great choice. QDX team could both deliver quality products to your customers and provide a solution for optimizing internal business processes.

Why companies choose QDX

Industry-Specific Experience

Our teams have experience in building software products for companies in different industries, from FinTech to HealthTech. We like to group developers and other team members according to the industry of the projects they have already completed. Therefore, you get truly experienced and skilled specialists working on your project. As a bonus, they are already familiar with industry-related issues and technical problems they may cause.

Real-time Communication / Accountability

QDX developers fluently speak English аnd work in your convenient time zone. We prefer to make the whole collaboration process transparent because we are interested in making it comfortable and stress-free for you. We achieve that with help of agile management and regular reporting.

Scalability and Support

We get that new mobile application development demands financial resources and we are interested in you getting your investment back as soon as possible. That is the reason we discuss every step of the development process with your team. We find weak product areas and new ways to add value to your app.

Source Code Ownership

Many software development teams claim the ownership rights on the code they have created to prevent their clients from consulting with third-party firms. We believe in the supremacy of customer’s choice, that is why the code we developed for your project is yours by right.

Mobile App Development Stack

iOS App Development
Programming Languages: Objective-C, Swift IOS Mobile Development Tools: Xcode, AppCode UI Frameworks: UIKit, SwiftUI.

iAndroid App Development
Programming Languages: Java, Kotlin Android App Development Tools: Android Studio UI Framework: Jetpack Compose, Android UI

iCross-Platform Application Development
React Native (JS) Flutter (Dart) Xamarin (C#)

icon - Software Testing and QA
Software Testing and QA

We handle the entire testing process from requirements
and documentation review and testing process realization

It’s difficult to maintain the architectural quality of the software. There are two control actions: quality assurance and testing. The two terms relate to totally different phases of software quality control.

QA concentrates on the organizational side of quality management, observing the sequence of the production process. A company has to be assured the processes are streamlined and suitable as per the quality norms established for software products.

Testing identifies and fixes tech concerns in the software code and estimating the overall product utility, production, safety, and adaptability. It can be done by the test engineers alongside the development process.

QDX QA and Software Testing Solutions

During the last 3 years, we have been providing QA and Software testing services for companies in different industries, such as Healthcare, Banking, Real Estate, Education, Media, so on. Let’s explore the solutions the QDX team created to boost your business:

  • QA Consulting
    QDX QA specialists are ready to help you identify any issues in your QA development process and go through the testing phase using our best testing practices and technologies.

  • Manual Testing
    Manual testing includes the most common testing solutions as Errors, Security, Usability, and so on. When we perform it, we look at the product from the end-user perspective.

  • Automation Testing
    This approach is ideal if you don’t have enough time to conduct proper custom testing. QDX QA experts created custom automated scripts to save your time and costs.

  • API Testing
    To be sure that your application’s interface is functional, reliable, secure, and shows great performance, we need to conduct API testing. Moreover, this approach reduces Manual testing costs because of GUI integration.

  • Web & Mobile QA
    Our QA specialists always follow market and technology trends to embed this knowledge into your project. Web and Mobile testing help us to indicate any bugs and technical issues in advance.

  • Security Testing
    QDX team performs security testing to identify any security threats and gaps in your product. We use models of potentially risky scenarios during the testing stage and create a plan to secure the software solution for maximum data safety.

  • Performance Testing
    If you want to focus on maximum user experience, you had to walk through performance testing. This approach will help our team to ensure that your app and servers have the highest level of performance, stability, and responsiveness.

The main principles of Software Testing

  • Early testing
    The price of a mistake increases during the SDLC. Consequently, it is essential to begin testing the software as early as possible so that the identified bugs are fixed.

  • Testing reveals the existence of errors
    The purpose of testing is identifying errors and bugs. However, we’re paranoid about bugs, we can never be convinced there are no bugs. We test software to minimize the number of flaws.

  • Pesticide paradox
    Applying the identical test every time won’t allow you to uncover more bugs. It’s crucial to examine and modernize the tests repeatedly to adjust and get more bugs.

  • Absence-of-errors fallacy
    If there are no errors in your software at all, it doesn’t mean it’s successful. Detecting and resolving bugs doesn’t work if the software is worthless and doesn’t meet the customers’ needs & demands.

  • Defect clustering
    Defect Clustering means a little number of modules cover most of the bugs. This is the implementation of the Pareto rule to software testing: about 80% of the errors are detected in 20% of the modules. Much like in your office, that one guy who messes up all the time and everyone else has to cover for him.

  • Exhaustive testing is impossible
    It’s impossible to test all combinations of data, scenarios, and requirements inside an application. The requirement is the optimal number of testing based on the risk assessment of the application.

  • Testing is context-dependent
    Depending on their purpose or industry, different applications should be tested differently. You wouldn’t test a cough drop the same way you test a parachute, right? The method you test a car’s autopilot varies from the way you test a website for a store. All software is not created equal.

Have some software testing work to do?

Agile Methodology

If you bring agility to software development and software testing, you can react faster to system errors and save a lot of time and money in retrospect. That is the reason we prefer flexible agile methodologies such as sprint workflow, daily sync-ups, and Scrum or Kanban model. Besides, an agile management system allows you to pick top talent developers according to your business needs, sympathy, or industry-related requirements.


As we already mentioned, the testing process impacts the cost of software development by itself. However, depending on the developer’s team’s core values and beliefs in terms of work results, some solutions are more likely to save your financial resources. QDX team aimed to deliver a high-quality competitive product that will be beneficial to you and to your customers. We are ready to help you improve existing software, create applications based on your ideas, and offer our vision – just drop us a line.


QDX team conducts QA and Software testing for every project in the portfolio plus we can check your application performance as a separate service. Nevertheless, we gained expert vision in QA and Software testing approach while working with many industries from Banking to E-learning. We have experience in successfully conducting testing for small, medium-sized, and enterprise-level companies. Our custom QA testing solution will help you to deliver the best quality for your customers.

Quality Assurance

Technology transfer

This procedure involves getting a product design document as well as the trial and error data and its evaluation. The documents are distributed, checked and approved.


Here, the validation master plan for the entire system is prepared, approval of test criteria for validating product and process is set, and resource planning for the execution of a validation plan is done.


This function controls the distribution and archiving of documents. Any change in a document is made by adopting the proper change control procedure. Approval of all types of documents is finalized.

The Differences Between Software Testing & QA Services

Software testing is a process to evaluate the functionality of a software application. It is used to determine whether the developed software meets the specified requirements or not. In addition, we use software testing to identify deficiencies and thus ensure that the product works largely flawlessly. Software testing takes place before the product is released.

On the other hand, Quality assurance is crucial for establishing and maintaining quality standards and is used in all technical and organizational measures. QA testing methods are used during the whole development cycle. With quality assurance, defined quality requirements for production and service provision are to be met right from the start.

The Benefits of QA and Software Testing Services

To help you understand the importance of test procedure software, we have explained the four most important points below.

1. Software testing saves money.
Software development consists of many phases and if errors are discovered in the early phases, it is usually cheaper to fix them. It is therefore important to carry out tests as early as possible. Test-Driven Development stipulates that the tests are written before development, which is particularly important for complex and validated environments.

2. More security.
People look for products they can trust, they can rely on, and that have been extensively tested for functionality and security. Our personal data should be treated as confidentially as possible. Security testing gives the user a trustworthy product, as problems and risks are identified in advance and eliminated during development.

3. Better product quality.
Compliance with product requirements is essential to some extent because it helps to achieve the desired end results. Digital products should offer their users added value and support them in completing certain tasks faster, easier, and more efficiently. It is therefore very important that digital products actually and continuously deliver this added value – and ideally also after a new update, i.e. after a mostly comprehensive change to the software.

4. Greater customer satisfaction.
The primary goal of our team is to achieve the best customer satisfaction while they use digital products (mostly achieved through an agile process model and a UX design that is tailored to it ). This is also the main reason why apps and software should be tested – to ensure the consistency of requirements over the entire product life cycle. Customer trust is not easy to earn, especially if the product has more bugs after new releases.

icon - UI/UX Design
UI/UX Design

We prototype and develop user experiences across all devices.
Our engineers build:

  • Products that customers adore to interact with
    We implement a physiological approach to customer experience and design award-winning digital products used by millions of people. We know user-focused design is the key.

  • Enterprise software that doesn’t mess up or mess around
    We build customer-focused enterprise software that has a smooth sense of the best consumer apps. We’re inspired to enhance the human connection with technology by designing significant products.

  • Websites that fully express and accurately express your company
    We design and develop top-notch websites. Whether you’re expanding your business, demonstrate your work or opening your store – we’ll help you to do it with beautiful and stylish.

How Can You Benefit from UI/UX Design?

Improved user experience
Our user-centric solutions leverage the power of technology to meet your business goals and meet the most pressing needs of your users.

Customer Lifetime Value
The improved appearance of the app and the optimized functions ensure that users keep coming back and thus help to measurably increase the value of their customer lifetime.

Advanced user interface
Simple, intuitive, and visually persistent user interfaces reduce the number of accidental misuse by users and thus contribute to their satisfaction and comfort.

Our strategy

We collect insights into your business model, your market, and your goals as well as into your users and customers. From then on, we concentrate on interpretation and evaluation that take both into account and help you discover your full digital potential. This process includes:

  • User research
  • Customer interviews
  • Service Design
  • Thinking Workshops
  • Business and market research
  • Target group analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Requirements engineering
  • Persona development

We support you in making your digital branding strong and intuitive across multiple touchpoints. Your corporate design is carefully implemented in the digital world – with easily accessible, user-friendly, and well-thought-out user interfaces and concepts for interaction design.

  • UI design
  • Living style guides
  • Video, image, and graphic design
  • Interaction design
  • Motion design
  • Accessibility design
  • High fidelity prototypes

The next step is of UX/UI development is to create wireframes, a visual guide that forms the skeleton of a website and focuses on what it does, not what it looks like. Wireframes help establish the functionality and at the same time measure the practical applicability of a design concept. QDX team develops your project using HTML/CSS/JS React/Angular Backend/API integrations. With rapid prototyping, the information architecture, navigation, and user guidance as well as the interaction design can be tested at an early stage. Problems with the user interface can be identified as early as the concept development phase.

Constant Improvement
Based on the first drafts, we will constantly iterate and improve. Our shared insights and perspectives help you make well-founded decisions that can increase acceptance and promote conversion. This enables us to make the design even more targeted and successful.

  • User tests
  • A / B tests
  • Validate the theses
  • Design variants
  • Usability tests
  • User feedback
  • Constant reviews

We create intuitive interfaces that users love

1. Architecture
After the principal analysis stage, we apply the received information to create an information architecture for the product or correct the current one. It is designed in the structure of a mind map that gives a full picture of the operation and displays links between its parts.

2. User flow report
User flow is a list of customers’ operations or system elements that the user interacts with complete the session. We build it in a design-statement form that connects screen layout designs with a flow sheet design.

3. Wireframes
Wireframes are basically the structural framework of a site or application. They are intended to strengthen the project specifications and set central layouts and UX workflows. They allow us to immediately realize ideas, obtaining a reaction from a third party and end-users.

4. Interactive prototype
We design interactive prototypes of both the wireframing and visual design. It allows us to recognize gaps in our designs, modify the design from the inside, confirm hypotheses, and examine them.

5. Design specification
It’s crucial to ensure that the design is performing as expected. Sometimes developers overlook details, but these tiny differences between the design and performing may finally change the user experience.

icon - AI & Machine Learning
AI & Machine Learning

At QDX we use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for real-time data science, digital security, cybersecurity systems. We build self-taught software for Financial, Information, and Healthcare institutions. Also, we provide machine learning systems that analyze big data in Agriculture and Media industries.

We can help you to collect and analyze value from large amounts of data and improve productivity. Self-taught systems scan unstructured records easier, recognize user activities, and automate the most long-running tasks.

How we can help you

  • Neural networks
  • Self-taught systems
  • AI algorithms
  • Natural language processing tools
  • Real-time data science
  • Computer vision systems
  • AI-driven media workflow automation


R&D expertise

Our experienced R&D experts involve in each machine learning and AI project, to draw up the way from idea to the product, assess its viability, and select the most suitable tech stack and best developers.

Multi-domain skills

Every developer in our ML/AI team has earned experience implementing their skills in a range of industries, from Healthcare to Fintech, Dozen of projects that improve their out-of-box thinking and ability to handle extraordinary tasks.

Tailor-made solutions

We form and shape every element of the process according to your needs and opportunities. With this approach, we build a solution that addresses personal pain points.

Need an advice on Machine Learning-related project?

icon - Cloud & DevOps
Cloud & DevOps

Whether the organization is private, public, or a hybrid of the two, we at QDX help them achieve a more rapid transformation and enjoy the highest performance from their cloud environments by leveraging our work with major cloud providers including Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and others. By utilizing cloud-based app development services, an architectural and technical adaptation of well-maintained and smoothly hosted applications allows organizations to make advantageous use of services and capabilities offered by both IaaS and PaaS providers.

Our expert cloud architects help companies and enterprises develop cloud applications that are not just flexible and scalable, but also assist in ensuring ideal consumption of cloud resources by uncovering all of cloud service’s potential.

QDX’s Software Development Services

Discovery And Optimization

Our experts will help you assess your current infrastructure of tour cloud, and help you lower your spending by providing a list of detailed recommendations about any underutilized or overly taxing services.

Migration To The Cloud

Whether you are utilizing a cloud-native approach, Iaas, or services docking, we help you decide the migration strategy optimal in meeting your specific business objectives.

Development In Cloud-Native Environment

Create and run your serverless apps using Azure Functions, AWS Lambda, or databases like Azure Cosmos DB and Amazon DynamoDB, as well as other fully managed cloud services to fully benefit from the versatility and scalability of the cloud.

Rearchitecturing Of Apps

Expose the functionality of or migrate your monolithic application to microservices in order to expose their functionality through APIs in order to achieve optimal performance and scalability.

Major Cloud Services Integration

After years of working closely with leaders in the cloud market like Microsoft and Amazon, our developers bring 5 years of experience in integrating with large IaaS and PaaS platforms including Azure and AWS. We will help to reap superior robustness and reliability by routing your apps to top-tier cloud providers. In this manner, you can use powerful apps and a nearly unlimited set of cloud computing tools to complete your most time-sensitive tasks more rapidly at a fraction of the cost.

Addressing Your Business’s Needs With Cloud Software Development

Is the cost of the cloud a concern?

Companies typically save between 30% and 60% on cloud-native applications that are adapted correctly at the architectural level to optimize resource usage by contrast to what is typically called for in local hosting methods. Our consultants can include a resource utilization optimization strategy, as well as offer design, implementation, and continuous management assistance.

Do you fear transition-induced downtime?

As your application sees more traffic, it becomes increasingly difficult to scale resources on the fly in order to meet the heightened demand. You can either wait until the storage needs are rendered unmanageable, or you can save headaches and money by moving through the transitional phase sooner rather than later.

Assessing Your App For Cloud Migration

Once you’ve decided the type of cloud and the model it’s time to determine whether or not your applications are ready to operate from the cloud. Here are a few key aspects to think about.

Complexity Of App Design

Because certain conventional applications are too complex and tightly coupled, customers may not have the ability to rework them. The most important criterion in the success of any migration is an app’s distributed architecture and its scalability. Cloudmaze and PaaSLane can assist you in determining your application’s readiness for the cloud. Evaluation of the app’s readiness for migration can be determined by multiple tools, all of which are available through AWS’ one-stop-shop Migration Hub service.

Complexity Of Integration

Payment gateways, online providers, third-party vendors, and external storage are all integration points for each app, so consideration of how each of these dependencies would be affected by migration is important. Unexpected communication issues may arise during the process. Also, you should be able to anticipate and address any authentication issues which could arise. Identifying the integration points is the most time-consuming, and arguably the most critical task you will face. Because many older apps are light on functional and non-functional details, each module may need to be thoroughly reviewed on an individual basis, a complicated venture when the hundreds of currently running applications are considered.

Many of the encountered hardships could be resolved by combining a commercial or open-source asset discovery tool with the developer team’s familiarity with the app. With the use of a discovery tool, you can see all server configurations within the network, including details about connectivity. So if a data center on your network is host to 100 apps, a discovery tool gives you both a broad view of the whole system, as well as the ability to drill down to find out details to more specific granularities for each of them.

HP DDMA and BMC Atrium are some of the best-known tools for asset discovery. Cloudamize is a tool that performs automated machine discovery and determines inter-application dependencies by setting up a dependency map.

Host Operating System

Once cloud migration has been decided upon, it is important to know that you will be able to deploy the applications on the same operating system. Since your applications can only run in a specific OS or a specific version of that OS, they may not establish proper compatibility with the cloud provider. That means that you might either need to scramble to find a viable cloud provider substitute or scrap the migration plans completely. Most cloud providers, for example, do not support 32-bit OS options. Some may have subscription requirements that might be unexpected. The point is, doing your research ahead of time is vital to the smooth execution of the project.

Application Database

Since the database is a critical component in any application, customers invest a lot in reliable database servers, as well as licensing. Migrating massive amounts of data is no small feat, so you may not want to move it at this time. No matter the timing of the process, it is important to ensure the reliability of migration methods. It is also important to assure a fail-safe procedure that allows for an opportunity to deal with any unforeseen problems by rolling back.

Since most cloud servers provide proprietary migration services, it is important to conduct a full, preemptive evaluation before initiating the process. For instance, the Migration hub services provided by AWS claim that they will accelerate and simplify the discovery and migration from your data centers. Other third-party vendors who provide migration services include Cloudbeam, CloudEndure Live Migration, ATADATA ATMotion, and Racemi DynaCenter.


If your application engages in multitasking, think twice about engaging in cloud migration since most cloud migration services do not support it.

Technologies we work with

icon - Kubernetes Implementation
Kubernetes Implementation

Enable scalable and secure processes with the top-notch
container orchestrator

Today, businesses aim to build a stable cloud environment to ensure better service delivery and increase their customers’ loyalty.

Our world-class tech team helps you to develop a Kubernetes adoption strategy to gain significant profit. By providing proper knowledge sharing, as well as a necessary pool of resources, we deliver fully managed solutions to help you handle mission-critical apps on top of Kubernetes.

We turn your business goals into value with our Kubernetes expertise approved by global organizations.

How you benefit

  • A strategic plan to overcome bottlenecks and successfully build a future path
  • A finely tuned and highly available Kubernetes deployment
  • An application portfolio flawlessly running in a cloud environment
  • Reduced infrastructure costs by 40%
  • An improved cross-team collaboration
  • Quick onboarding of your engineers with QDX training

Increase your profit and productivity with a cost efficient
container orchestration platform.

Kubernetes Consulting

At QDX, we share best practices and expert knowledge on Kubernetes development. By employing our consulting services, companies get an actionable plan for Kubernetes deployment, as well as practical advice on how to secure, automate, and migrate production-ready workloads.

Kubernetes Implementation and Enablement

Kubernetes experts at QDX review your business workloads and technology stack and help to develop an actionable plan to accelerate Kubernetes adoption. By delivering a thought-out implementation strategy, we help our customers to oversee possible bottlenecks across the deployment life cycle.

Application modernization and development

Our Kubernetes team assesses your workloads and workflows to enable migration to a cloud-native platform. We provide a set of strategic recommendations and backlog of immediate next steps necessary for fast modernization of complex legacy systems.

Kubernetes Support

Our engineers help to detect possible issues before they affect your business, reaching 24/7 business continuity, data integrity, and zero-disruption upgrades.

Fully managed Kubernetes solutions

Assessment and strategy planning

  • Evaluating current workflows and workloads
  • Developing a strategy and improvement guidelines to eliminate flaws in both a development life cycle and a technology stack
  • Train your team to upgrade their skills, thus speeding up the onboarding

Kubernetes enablement

  • Solution design in compliance with your needs
  • Infrastructure planning and provisioning
  • Kubernetes architecture design and enablement
  • CI/CD pipelines setup to ensure dynamic management of each solution component
  • Implementation of logging and monitoring solutions
  • Security provisioning
  • Backup strategies

Application containerization and migration

  • Legacy applications refactoring to enable them in a cloud-native environment, making sure they comply with the 12-factor app principles
  • Transforming your application architecture by converting it to microservices
  • Applications encapsulation into containers
  • Implementing the strategy of migrating containerized applications to Kubernetes


  • Monitoring solution implementation to detect and resolve possible issues before they affect the business
  • Integration of custom-fit backup/recovery solutions
  • Support subscription plans based on a “ticket-response” system tuned to your requirements
icon - Banking and Financial Software Development
Banking and Financial Software Development

Our specialists fully take over the development process,
while your staff is focusing on business functions.

QDX has been helping fintech providers, financial data vendors, loan associations, brokerage firms, and banks to implement ideas and protect products. We begin with signing an NDA and doing a free trial project or offer an estimation base. You’ll get your team rumped up a team within 1 week and can scale it up at any time.

QDX develops fintech software products focusing on security, compliance, and regulations for financial technology companies. We help financial enterprises enhance their software architectures and scale operations.

The Benefits of Financial Software Development

For more than 3 years QDX has been offering various software for banks and financial service providers (portals, intranets, mobile apps, CRM solutions, etc.), ensuring their successful implementation, integration, testing, and deployment as well as ensuring solid support.
Software created by QDX enables banks and financial service providers to:

  • Reduce delivery time
  • To guarantee legal compliance and safety
  • Reduce operating costs through the use of integrated technology solutions
  • Build customer trust through multi-channel communication
  • Decrease time-to-market for innovative mobile apps

QDX develops software products focusing on security, compliance, and regulations for financial technology companies. We help Fintech enterprises enhance their software architectures and scale operations.

QDX Fintech software solutions

  1. Banking Software Development
    We help banks and credit unions with CRM migration, mobile banking solutions, customer acquisition, business processes automation, customer scoring.

  2. Investment Portfolio Management
    We apply quantitative analysis and predictive analytics to develop investment portfolio optimization systems that execute efficient trade orders based on market data.

  3. Credit & Loan Management
    Get a back-end system with full-cycle workflow enabling solutions for credit and loan management: from a loan application to KYC and underwriting to loan servicing.

  4. Custom Accounting Software Development
    You’ll get Accounting Information Systems and online accounting software that integrated with ERP, CRM, asset tracking, vendor management, and other financial management programs.

  5. Trading Platforms Development
    Our market-scanning and auto-trading platforms ensure the most profitable transactions across exchanges and offer end-to-end compliance tracking of the trades.

  6. Custom Financial Planning Software Development
    Our custom financial planning software solutions streamline day-to-day processes, including invoicing, payment processing, audit archiving, report generation, and more. We create financial planning algorithms and design versatile and modular financial dashboards.

  7. Custom Tax Preparation Software Development
    You can get program tax calculator apps to calculate tax liabilities and estimate refunds in any jurisdiction and validate tax credits & exemptions, dedications, and more.

End-to-end solution

We deliver a comprehensive product development strategy based on the latest technical innovations in the financial sector (AI, ML, Big Data) and bring our extensive expertise as a trustworthy partner for the development of financial software.

Agile Method

You can quickly develop your tailor-made solution in your environment without having to invest in a complex infrastructure. And you will be able to get them to market in a short time.


With the help of the QDX developers team, your product will launch successfully because you offer 24/7 operation and support. Our company draws on a large pool of resources to provide cloud and application operations as well as customer-centric support in multiple time zones.

Security and regulatory compliance

QDX guarantees secure development. We build financial solutions that are GDPR compliant and address other financial regulations like SOX, Basel II, PCI DSS, and more.

Strong reliability

We apply reliability analysis, grown-up engineering techniques, and design patterns. We make sure that the system is operational 24/7.

Perfect-pixel UI

Our UX designers explore user behavior, create mockups, and build impressive UI for web, mobile, or desktop applications.

Extensive integration

We provide smooth integration for third-party payment platforms, loan origination systems, accounting software. Also, we implement a Third-party API Layer for easy switching/adding third-party providers.

We have wide expertise in a building:

  • CRM for banks and financial organizations
  • Internet and mobile banking solutions
  • Document management and automation
  • Agile analytics for trading
  • Crowdfunding portals
  • Fraud detection solutions
  • PSD2-compliant APIs
  • Active API monitoring and reporting
icon - Healthcare Software Development Services
Healthcare Software Development Services

QDX develops ground-breaking custom software solutions
for healthcare companies

We apply innovative technologies like VR/AR and artificial intelligence to modify the healthcare market. As a healthcare software developer, QDX knows the industry’s requests and is well-versed in winning them. By outsourcing software development to QDX, you will get a solid and strong partner that creates and maintains reliable software products. We build MPMS, EHR, and E-prescribing software for healthcare companies.

Here at QDX we:

1) Improve interactive checking

Wearable devices ensure reducing the necessity for real-time supervision with the doctor. Medical software developers can consolidate information from any external hardware into your product.

2) Sketch forecasts with AI

Artificial Intelligence-built solutions are created to amplify clinician analysis and data study. Healthcare software developers can improve medical diagnostics with machine learning algorithms.

3) Secure vulnerable data

Healthcare highlights among other businesses due to its significant protection rules. Healthcare software service providers help fulfill all these specifications.

4) Integrate custom solutions

Healthcare institutions want software development assistance that not just creates a solution but integrates it into their ongoing operation system.

How We Work

Create a perfect structure and UX

During the beginning of the project, the starter lead develops complicated software architecture as a basis. After this stage, we develop a competitive software prototype to build a competitive and intuitive design later. We are focused to bring an outstanding user experience to your customers.

Comply with the Industry Standards

The software developed by the QDX team always meets with HealthTech standards. Our developers are experienced in working with HL7 and FHIR data exchange standards, DICOM or PACS standards for images, and C-CDA for clinical document architecture.

Uphold the Industry Security Standards

The QDX team enters the NDA deal even before we start to discuss your project ideas to ensure confidentiality. We have experience in working with security audit companies, therefore we are capable to guarantee that your medical software solution will meet GDPR standards and HIPAA requirements.

Healthcare Software Solutions we’ve built

Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) Software Solutions

In simple words, EHR/EMR solutions help doctors and other medical specialists track their patients’ records. All documents and files of the insured person are then saved on the electronic health card and are therefore available for the various applications in the health system. From physiotherapists to dentists to surgeons: every diagnosis and every treatment is noted on the electronic patient file.
Types of Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) Software Solutions:

  • Custom EHR/EMR Software Development
  • Mobile EHR/EMR Software Development
  • PHR EHR/EMR Software Development
  • Standardized Health Record Development
  • EHR Development for Specialty Practices

Telehealth & Telemedicine Software Solutions

Telemedical care consists of the provision of telemedical services for the continuous monitoring of the health condition of patients as well as for the implementation of preventive and control examinations in the home environment. This type of medical care is possible with the use of portable medical devices that are used to record certain vital signs. The test results are automatically transmitted to the responsible telemedical center for further evaluation. In the event of abnormalities, the patient is advised by the medical staff to consult the treating doctor or a suitable specialist; in the event of a life-threatening condition, the rescue service is alerted.
Types of Telehealth & Telemedicine Software Solutions

  • Telemedicine Software Development
  • Telemedicine Mobile App Development
  • Streaming Telehealth Technology
  • Telemedicine Technology Integrations
  • Home Health Software Solutions

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Software Solutions

LIMS applications are database applications that support sample management and sample processing. They cover the entire workflow from the receipt of samples through the examination to data acquisition and evaluation. QDX team created a variety of different systems, some of which are industry-specific and focus on laboratory types such as research and development, quality control, or application technology.
Types of Laboratory Information Management System
LIMS software system that offers an individual range of functions via selection menus or workflow displays. Essentially, the following basic modules can be found:

  • Sample receipt and sample registration
  • Determination of the scope of the investigation
  • Assistance with sample distribution and processing
  • Results data acquisition
  • Calculation of results or limit value tests
  • Approval of the test results
  • Reporting and evaluations

Electronic Prescription (eRx) Software Solutions

An electronic prescription software allows doctors to prescribe drugs and remedies in a purely digital manner. An open system architecture offers interfaces for doctors, pharmacy, and patient systems. This allows using eRx in different model scenarios, whereby it could be ensured that the participating pharmacies can maintain the process with electronic prescriptions.
Types of eRx Software

  • eRx Clinical Decision Support (CDS)
  • eRx Mobile App Development
  • eRx Third-Party Integration

HIS & Practice Management Software Solutions

The main functions of hospital information systems (HIS) and medical practice management solutions are the acquisition, processing, and storage of medical, clinical, and administrative data in the hospital. These solutions allow you to manage workflow and optimize administrative processes.
Types of HIS & Practice Management Software

  • Hospital Information Systems (HIS)
  • Hospital Case Management Systems
  • Practice Management Systems (PMS)
  • HIS & PMS Patient Portal Integration

AR App Development

Do you want to speed up medical image analysis and eliminate diagnostic errors? We help you recognize patterns in 2D and 3D medical images by integrating machine learning into custom embedded, mobile, and web applications. To this end we will:

  • annotate the images generated by medical devices: CT, OCT, MRI, X-ray, ultrasound;
  • use augmentation to expand image data sets;
  • feed the data into a neural network model that is provided in the cloud;
  • ensure compliance with the DICOM standard.

Veterinary Practice Management Software Solutions

QDX team develops cloud veterinary software for 6 years and has gained experience in creating user-friendly, highly functional veterinary management software to help veterinary clinics organize workflow.
Types of Veterinary Practice Management Software:

  • Veterinary Software Solutions
  • Custom Veterinary Apps
  • Pet GPS Tracker Software
  • Veterinary Client Communication
  • Veterinary Accounting Software
  • Veterinary Scheduling Software
  • Veterinary Medical Device Integration

What do we offer?

  • Big Data solutions
  • Healthcare app development
  • Electronic Health Record Solutions
  • Information control solutions for hospitals
  • VR and AR healthcare software development
  • Data analytics with machine learning
icon - E-commerce Software Development
E-commerce Software Development

Custom eCommerce solutions for smart extension

Change the shopping way with a winning mobile app or enhance business processes with a sufficient enterprise software set. We support companies and corporations to streamline buyer flow and involve purchasers in different approaches, within ground-breaking technologies.
Since 2014 we’ve been building e-commerce stores, online marketplaces, CRMs for retail, e-commerce software, analytics software, and different custom products. We will help you to build an end to end retail software solutions at affordable prices. Our approach for cost-benefit is maintained by a well-settled project development workflow, an open managerial composition, and a consistent team. E-commerce platforms often spread quicker than their infrastructure can extend.

Applications for Retail

Connect with your buyers and boost traffic to your shop via a modern application. Refresh your application to simplify your marketing, and engage shoppers.

ERP and MRP Software

ERP and MRP applications are combined to allow methods such as purchasing, warehouse management, and franchise management.

Mobile and web-based POS systems

Our POS systems work smoothly with different methods of payment such as cards, cash, and mobile payments. We also can help you to sync up eCommerce platform with your Retail point of sale

CRM development and interation

We develop custom CRM systems and integrate them with third-parts. We apply customer database management systems lead-tracking, Inventory and order management systems.

Outsourcing development of retail solutions

  • CRM and ERP software
  • Engaging mСommerce apps
  • POS systems
  • Integration with Shopify, BigCommerce, Woocommerce
  • SAP Hibris development
  • BI and Big Data solutions
  • AI solutions and chatbots
icon - Ad Tech Software Development
Ad Tech Software Development

If you need fully-adaptable ad tech solutions that can be customized to any level of difficulty, our experienced professional engineers can help. For 3 years QDX has been developing software solutions cover the AdTech market; collaborated with publishers, agencies, marketers, and service providers.

So, exactly how can we help?

  • Enhance Your TA Segmentation – Use a range of different filters to segment and re-segment your audience. Analyze each group’s behavior and deliver better-targeted ad content.

  • Create Custom Analytics – Get a comprehensive view of your limits and potential so that you can attract more clients.

  • Better Predict Consumer Behavior – Customize your targeting and retargeting software to predict if and when customers will click on links, then redesign those ads to increase performance.

  • Increase Traffic Distribution Profits – Re-categorize your traffic to resell at better rates. Narrow your focusing to make different segments of traffic more appealing to that niche audience.

  • Ad Tech Software Types

    Ad Servers

    Ad servers are platforms that allow you to launch various ad campaigns, pair publishers and advertising agencies, and manage your placements via one console. Using this interface, you can also collect and store data on various campaign metrics, allowing you to optimize your efforts in the future.
    If there were no ad servers at all we would have done all the transactions (buying/selling media) manually. Without the use of an ad server, all media buys would have to be done manually. Rather than modifying the actual HTML code of a site, the ad server drastically simplifies and automates large components of the media buying approach.

    Demand-Side Platform (DSP)

    A DSP allows users access to a particularly-designed interface from which they can buy inventory from specific SSPs and exchanges. DSPs are vital to real-time bidding-based web models, as they act to satisfy a web browser or mobile device’s query for ad serving.
    DSPs offer variable automated functions and allow you to set targeting preferences and launch campaigns without having to directly negotiate contracts with publishers. At the same time, you can enjoy access to a variety of tools to maximize your efforts, such as multipliers, bidding rules, etc.

    Supply-Side Platform (SSP)

    Your SSP is the counterpart to the DSP. It is an ad tech solution designed specifically for publishers so that they can sell, manage, and optimize their inventory. As with a DSP, this platform is based upon an RTB protocol.
    In essence, this allows a publisher to embed a header or ad tag on a page. Upon landing on the site, the user’s browser can request a suitable ad. During this process, the DSP will automatically match the advertiser’s targeting with the publisher’s audience, selecting the highest bidder in order to maximize publisher revenue.

    Data Management Platform (DMP)

    A DMP helps marketers get a more comprehensive view of their customers’ behavior. Advertisers typically use DMPs to collect data from website tags, cookies, S2S integrations, and APIs. Using these third-party cookies, the DMP can create provisional user-profiles and even user segments. These can later be used to implement behavioral targeting solutions.

    Customer Data Platform (CDP)

    The CDP collects third-party data as well as first-party data, which is provided by user consent. The latter is known as personally-identifiable info or PII. With data from CRMs, transactional systems, newsletter signups, etc., a CDP can create a comprehensive customer profile with detailed contact information.

    How to use Ad Tech Solutions in Your Business Processes

    The primary purpose of an ad network is to pair marketers with publishers. This helps both parties get the most out of their ad serving. Below, we’ll consider further the ad tech solutions every network should be utilizing.

    Ad Server

    The most important part of any network, ad servers helps streamline client management via direct connections with clients. A white-label ad server consists of hundreds of helpful features and represents the ability to customize targeting in countless ways.

    DSP / SSP

    While ad servers typically feature RTB integration, many networks still rely on programmatic media buying. This is where a white-label DSP and/or SSP can be a huge help. Using these platforms, a business can integrate all active DSPs and SSPs together, resulting in ad spend savings of up to 30%. At the same time, they get to skip middle links for vendors of various ad tech.


    Ad networks allow refining campaign targeting by including additional data. They can procure this information by linking their DSPs and ad servers to the DMP (data-management platform). By combining the third-part data from cookies and first-party data from partner companies, a business can get a more complete view of their target audience.

    Ad Exchange

    Nowadays, there is typically no need for a company to build its own ad exchange. However, ad networks are able to buy both inventory and traffic from the exchanges or major ad tech brands.

    Inventory and Ad Quality Tools.

    These are built-in ad tech solutions designed to help ad networks minimize fraudulent or dangerous traffic. This helps ensure a good reputation for the network.

    How Publishers Can Use Ad Tech Solutions

    Ad Server


    Inventory Tools

    If one has multiple websites or apps operating under a single tech umbrella, it could prove very useful to integrate an ad server. This will allow publishers to handle all monetization campaigns via a single interface while connecting all demand partners together.

    A similar platform to an Ad Server, except that it allows you to programmatically sell all of your inventory. This reduces one’s workload by eliminating the need to search for direct partners or discuss placement contracts. Simply specify the requirements, set a price floor, and then import inventory directly to the SSP.

    By properly scanning inventory, one can avoid technical issues on their site while ensuring their demand partners see them as on-the-ball and reputable.

icon - Biotech Software Development Services
Biotech Software Development Services

The world of biotech is not only a complex one but a heavily regulated one as well. This is especially true of those companies preparing for FDA approval, which is often both time-consuming and expensive. That’s why it’s important to automate as many of the processes that can take your product from the idea stage to the solution stage as possible.
In this capacity, we are an excellent partner for any medical biotech software development company. Our aim is to aid in the decision-making process, help manage resources, save time, and produce the most effective product possible. Whether your biotech innovations are based on university research or the work of innovative private firms, we can help you achieve your goals. At QDX, we cover the entire life sciences software industry, from digital health and medical devices to diagnostics, technology platforms, and tools.

Helping You Build the Biotech Solutions

Custom Biotech ERP Systems – We can develop fully-customized biotech enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems, which can optimize costs and manage an often-complex network of resources. Such software includes a variety of functions ranging from quality control to incident management to document management. Of course, there are also options for recall procedures, lot tracking, material control, cGMP support, ISO, HACCP, and other regulatory standards.

Biotech CRM – Using a bespoke customer relationship management system (CRM), biotech companies can quickly and easily address all client issues from one module. This can often free up more time for R&D and the production of new technologies. Our CRM software is uniquely developed to manage a variety of marketing activities while supporting multi-channel sales, helpdesk services, and more.

Cloud Biotech Apps – We are able to construct cloud environments and HIPAA-compliant applications that help display biotech-related content, guarantee multi-channel engagement and provide for the analyzing and reporting on customer data. This is integral to helping our clients solve issues with “big data” and allows departments and even partner companies to access and share data in real-time.

Cloud Database Migration – We offer comprehensive cloud database migration solutions through DIaaS, an acronym for “data integration as a service.” This includes database architecture while offering tools to transform data from heterogeneous sources as needed.

Clinical Data Management – Trial data is become more complex than ever, which isn’t a trend that’s likely to stop. Using electronic data capture (EDC) and information reporting via cloud-based apps is crucial to ensuring easy clinical data management. You can also unify the most valuable information via custom data warehouse development.

Medical Coding – We are able to construct fully customized HIPAA-compliant medical coding systems intended to streamline the classification associated with the coding process. As all biotech services, equipment, and procedures required unique codes, this can have significant implications for our clients.

Bioimaging Software / Apps – Bioimaging software is used to facilitate technologies ranging from x-rays and ultrasounds to MRIs, thermography, and endoscopies. Using bioimaging apps, you can create a database to analyze results, diagnose illnesses, and examine diseases from any location.

Our Expertise in Building Biotechnology Tools

Wearable Devices

These include advanced monitoring devices used to save patient lives. They are typically used for monitoring patient condition, prophylaxis, and for taking care of the elderly or those with special needs. Wearable devices can be found in fitness wristbands that monitor heart rate and other biometrics, as well as in hearing aids, diabetic monitors, and more.

VR and Augmented Reality

These technologies combine to form an image that can be displayed on a computer, phone, tablet, or television – with or without the use of VR glasses. This technology has loads of potential, especially when it comes to medical imaging. In fact, doctors might soon be able to see the activity and structure of a patient’s organs using VR, allowing for much greater precision during surgery.

Health and Fitness

There are a seemingly endless number of applications for biotech devices in the world of health and fitness. These include the aforementioned wearables as well as apps that use mobile phone functions to measure steps are taken, training time, sleep quality, and other forms of user activity. This also covers applications used for medical examinations like eyesight and hearing tests, where they can aid in proper diagnosis.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Bluetooth can help reduce the amount of energy required by sensors to transmit data. This means wearables can be worn for longer periods without recharging. Simultaneously, new tech can be designed with smaller batteries, which means smaller, more convenient devices.

Embedded Software

Another result of the IoTs, embedded software includes microcontrollers and microcomputers. These can be installed in everyday objects, controlling them without a need for a physical interface. Utilizing BLE, these devices can communicate with the user as well as each other while needing minimal charging.

Smart Home Devices

Using the “Internet of Things” a company or individual can collect data from household appliances, external sources, and wearables. These can be used to monitor both internal and external threats or control various functions of the home.

Data Science and Predictive Analysis

With modern computing technology, we can analyze medical data at a previously unthinkable rate. Take, for example, the IBM Watson Health Project. With its 15 terabytes of memory and 2880 core processors, the computer used machine learning and automatic inference to analyze 600,000 test results and millions of pages of patient files and scientific studies. Since then, it has been able to reach a 90% success rate in detecting cancerous tissue changes.

icon - Media & Entertainment Software Development Services
Media & Entertainment Software Development Services

Our developers create adaptive and customized web solutions for huge media corporations and young firms and startups in the US and EU. We have experienced coders that deal with each essential tech stack such as HTML5, Python, C/C++, Ruby, and JavaScript (Angular, React, and Vue).
We are an advanced software development partner for media and entertainment businesses. QDX dedicated teams grow into a seamless part of the client teams.

We’ve been building complex media portals and video streaming services

Artificially Intelligent Entertainment Apps

Creating entertainment apps Provide AI Software Development for Media & Entertainment Provide custom VR/AR solutions on demand Support media clients with a modernizing of current applications to fix production bugs.

Publishing and Rights Management

Provide full media and television Rights management service Give safety from violation of copyrights and handle re-publishing issues. Built protection apps to encode content to block deception.

Photo Applications Development

Create photo apps for users Build platform-autonomous photo apps that operate on all Android/ iOS/ wearable devices

We help you to build:

  • ISPs, CDNs, hosting service
  • Music, Videos and Live Streaming solutions
  • News and sports portals
  • A virtual MVPDs and multiple-system operators
  • Digital publishing solutions
  • Online media platforms
icon - Educational & E-learning Software Development
Educational & E-learning Software Development

We transform the education industry with Ed-tech solutions.

There are many ready-made programs for e-learning or school management, which offer a pretty scarce range of functions. However, these very standardized solutions hardly allow any individualization or custom features. You need a custom e-learning solution to get full control over data and content, independence from cloud providers, and tailored functions.
QDX builds E-Classrooms, online education, Educational robots, virtual tests, and learning management software. We develop software and management E-learning solutions with flawless backend and simple and pure frontend, which helps educational organizations, large-scale enterprises, individual startups to obtain the highest production without troubles.

We can help you to build:

Educational Platforms and E-learning services

Whether you need a corporate training system or an e-learning product, we will deliver tested bug-free solutions. We develop management software and applications for Education companies and provide native apps for desktops, mobiles, and any other gadgets. We build Online Courses platforms with smooth UI and perfect UX.

AI Educational Apps

QDX offers entire solutions in AI Software for Educational companies. We create a bug-free AI algorithm for services used by students and faculty. These types of solutions could help you to implement tools for semantic analysis and make the user and learning experience personalized and interactive.

School Management Platforms

School management software makes the supervisory process easier and, most important, automotive. You don’t need dozens of hours to register students and teachers, build a learning program, payment processing, parent communications, attendance and more. Also, we can build a custom mobile app that could be connected with the school management portal.

Virtual Classroom

We help companies to build remote learning systems with AI, AR/VR, and 3D scanning. We also develop immersive spaces for education. Virtual classrooms became an extremely important and popular solution recently. The video conference options motivate students and users to grow and learn even if they are temporarily distanced.


Support and recognition make an impact on the learning process. That is the reason chatbots are seen as a must-have tool to help users during online studying. We build operational and educational chatbots and provide NLP and ML software development. We also create efficient teaching assistants to enhance student engagement.

Learning Management Systems

Organize eLearning content in one place, get full access to eLearning sources, monitor learner progress and results easily in the way you need it. There are a lot of LMS tools on the market, however, if you need a custom, made special according to your demands LMS – we can do it with our experience under our belt. QDX developers are ready to deliver high-quality LMS solutions for small businesses and enterprise-level companies. Moreover, we have experience in building e-learning products both for kindergarten-age students and university-level e-learning tools.

We also have a great experience in developing:

  • ML driving test monitor solution
  • Training applications
  • AI-based solutions
  • Tutoring systems
  • Digital Learning Platforms
  • Educational gaming apps

How Your Business Could Benefit?

For Startups

  • We can consult you while choosing, implementing, and launching your e-learning solution including the choice of monetization.
  • We provide both technical and customer support during the launching stage.
  • We can develop solutions according to your exclusive vision and try innovative approaches.
  • We work using agile management techniques to increase efficiency and save money.
  • We have 3 years of experience in working with startups.

For Enterprise:

  • We have launched more than 20 projects on custom e-learning software development.
  • We will develop, implement, update, and support your LMS, training applications, school management platform, etc.
  • We will help your customers to introduce themselves to our e-learning solution.
  • We prefer to work in flexible teams and avoid time-consuming meetings.
  • During the implementation stage, we will remove bugs and support the system in case any issues arise due to many simultaneous users.

All our solutions comply with the e-Learning standards like:

xAPI – Tin Can API

LTI – Learning Tools Interoperability

SCORM – Since 1998

Have an idea of the next Ed-tech solution?

icon - Automotive Software Development Services
Automotive Software Development Services

QDX’s automotive team provides a closed-loop of support that provides adaptability and scalability to our clients, beginning from the definition of project specifications, to embedded software development, realization, support, and QA. Today, among our main focus sectors are high-class services for auto-piloting software, data sync, distribution, interconnection, voice assistants, music, and video playback.

We build Embedded In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions

IoT technology is crucial for autonomous and supported driving. Our IoT solutions allow analyzing real-time transportation situations to help the driver with making rational choices.

VR and AR solutions

QDX focuses on VR/AR software development for the automotive business. Since 2018, QDX has been developing virtual and augmented reality apps for a dozen companies. We deliver solutions from simple AR mobile applications to unique VR simulations. Our augmented anima­tions envision 3D data right on a machine to decrease mistakes and time wasted on multiple tasks.

Vehicle software system

Vehicle software operations are growing increasingly. An ever-expanding amount of internal systems and indicators must interact with each other and with outside sections that demand the establishment of protection tools to preserve systems from any harm that could happen from the illegal, external path.

Cloud & DevOps

We help companies boost app efficiency with a cloud backend. Cloud connectivity is required to transform, accumulate, and prepare the massive load of data from the in-vehicle. Automotive businesses are searching for higher productivity with cloud services like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

Human Machine Interface

Here at QDX, we have specialists with market expertise in automotive HMI who create UX/UI solutions that reduce driver response duration, enhance human-auto cooperation, and deliver user experience upgraded with mobile features drivers apply.

Electronic Control Unit

QDX helps you to meet low-level software with industry standards. We guarantee safe operations through compliance with ISO 26262, SPICE, and AUTOSAR. 4.0

Have an idea to build automotive software?

Automotive industry software companies trust us to build secure, adjustable, and smart automotive software for connected and self-driving. We have robust tech skills particularly Big Data, ML/AI development, Cloud Solutions, IoT, embedded software.

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